Solar charging is ideal – as most countries with high levels of poverty tend to be bathed in intense illumination year-round. If left outdoors then UV radiation will also sterilise the instrument.


solar panally


The solar cell uses direct sunlight to power its electronics. Other light sources (lamps etc) will still charge the battery, but at a slower rate.



A full charge takes 3-4 hrs in good sunlight – giving up to 100 mins of continuous light output, equal to a full ‘normal’ day’s work when used only occasionally. This will give a week of use for the casual user.

Alternatively, place close to a fluorescent or standard light bulb. Caution: do not place too close to any lamp/heat source. Monitor regularly, and be aware of excessive heat build up.

usb_logoAmazingly, even holding in sunlight or under a lamp for as little as 30 seconds will provide enough charge and light output for a quick examination.

Indoors or poor daylight? – use the cable to connect to any computer’s USB port for 1 hr.

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