Gaining knowledge and practical ability remains at the heart of any training. Honing and maintaining clinical skills particularly in ophthalmology and ENT can be challenging.


A few minutes of examining real eyes and ears with some theory is better than hours of bookwork alone – with the key to mastery being on-going practice.


Core Skills

Medical students, junior doctors, and veterinarians ought to have a working knowledge of ophthalmology and fundus examination together with ear assessment. Yet, in the modern packed teaching syllabus there is less opportunity to acquire these important core skills. And those with ‘eye’ or ‘ear’ basics risk losing their competence simply through lack of use.

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The eye really is a superb ‘window’ to a person or animal’s general health. Ophthalmoscopy is a simple yet surprisingly powerful technique, that can help reveal serious medical conditions like: diabetic and hypertensive changes or papilloedema. An ophthalmoscope is essential for the certain diagnosis of cataract, as well as for spotting glaucoma and macular degeneration.

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