Innovative. Practical. Astonishing price.

Bright and reliable. A pocket all-in-one ophthalmoscope-loupe-otoscope for the 21st century.

Solar panel or USB; a brilliant mix of white and violet/blue LEDs; compact and easy-to-use. For novices (students, health workers), the occasional user with some familiarity (doctors, nurses), to specialists (ophthalmologists, optometrists).


Simple yet Advanced.

Clear magnified views of the media, fundus and ear – for all ages and across the refractive spectrum. Ideal as a bulb and battery replacement-free instrument in countries with high poverty rates and as a backup or training tool. Designed for manufacturing and operator simplicity with an ultra-low end cost.

Solar powered

Sun or lamp. Simply effortless.

A full charge takes 3-4 hrs in good sunlight – giving up to 100 mins of light output, equal to a full ‘normal’ day’s work or a week of use for the casual user.


Computer or phone charger. Plug and go.

Indoors or poor daylight? – charge via USB for 1 hr. A tough ‘go anywhere’ device; not limited by expensive and difficult to source batteries.


Brilliant true-colour white. Robust and safe.

Precise clinical diagnosis needs outstanding and reliable illumination. Being low in infra-red and ultra-violet enables a comfortable and safe examination.

Easy To Use

Multiple features. Intuitive operation.

Basic yet effective optics – ideal for viewing the retinal blood vessels, macula, and optic nerve. Miniature and sturdy; simple yet advanced.


Shirt pocket or around the neck. Anywhere.

The magnifying loupe gives a detailed wide-field view of the: anterior segment, eyelids, skin, teeth and more. Examine at a moment’s notice.

Low Cost

Eye and Ear diagnosis is now for everyone.

A remarkable and manoeuvrable loupe/otoscope mix; see the ear canal and tympanic membrane easily. Breakthrough features at an amazing price.


  • Size: 4.3 x 1.0 x 0.35” (110 x 26 x 9mm).
  • Weight: 0.63oz (18g).
  • Material: ABS plastic.
  • Battery: ~100 min/full ‘normal’ day's work.
  • Charging: solar panel (3-4hrs) and USB (1hr).
  • Power: low and high beam.
  • LEDs: ‘daylight’ white, ‘warm’ white, violet/blue.
  • Loupe: ~x4 magnification.
  • Specula: 4.5mm and 2.5mm.
  • Lenses and filters: (0), -3, -6, (green), +4.
  • Integral: pupil gauge; ruler; near VA chart; colour test; targets: red, white and line; optic disc scale.

"It is robust, extremely handy as it will fit in a breast pocket or suspended round one's neck and it works well as an ophthalmoscope, loupe, and otoscope. Both home and away I would never be without it."

Mr John Sandford-Smith MBE, FRCS, FRCOphth, UK.

"This instrument will make a huge difference to so many eye health workers and the communities they serve. "

Prof Richard Le Mesurier FRCS, FRCOphth, Aus.